Transforming from day-to-night


Perfecting your look from day-to-night is no easy feat. Dawn-to-dusk transformation takes meticulous planning, foresight and adaptive spirit. The truly design savvy carry an elusive secret shaping their chameleonic tendencies. Be it a function of economy or creativity, trendsetters know that change begins with a blank canvas.  


Just take a look at Audrey Hepburn. In Breakfast at Tiffany’s the doyenne of The Little Black Dress updates her classic shift with just the touch of a hat, tiara, eye-mask, gloves and kitten heels according to the occasion. Yet Audrey only needed to adapt her outfit to metamorphosise in minutes. At Landing Forty Two our transformative approach extends to all 3,500m² of our light-filled space. 


At sunrise we’re setting the scene for Breakfast conferences. Our in-house catering team, Moving Venue are rustling up morning treats including freshly-baked patisseries, grapefruit granite, yogurt granola-pots with spice Winter berries and superfood fritters topped with scrambled eggs.  As light begins to leak its amber glow through our floor-to-ceiling windows, guests arrive to take in salient speeches, keynotes and presentations through our zoned sound-system. Sipping upon freshly brewed coffee, the rising colours coating our 360° views makes for a very memorable morning meeting. 


By lunchtime, it’s time for the next transformation. Arranging the floor to client’s bespoke choice, tables are styled to reflect your brand identity. Seating between 60-220 guests, Landing’s blank canvas interiors can be activated to mirror your message. Channeling a look that’s as breathtaking as the surrounding skyline, our in-house Production Manager can arrange everything from tailored window vinyls, branded furniture to a fully tailored set design created by our partners Vibration Design and Production.


As evening falls, our team welcomes cocktail reception attendees. Carefully crafting our space with a dazzling central bar, scenting the room with fresh floristry, setting up distinctive displays and co-ordinating our moving lights with the DJ sound system, all that’s left for guests to do is look out over the glittering London panorama with a martini in-hand. It seems Landing’s tailored transformations are definitely something Audrey would approve of!