Our Favourite London Landmarks


Landing Forty Two is the highest dedicated event space in the UK at 198m high. From the top you can see six counties. Here are some of our team’s favourite places to spot from high up at Landing Forty Two. 

Tammy: I always love going to music events at Alexandra Palace and it’s incredible that it can take you hours to get there by public transport, but it looks like a stone’s throw away from up here. It’s amazing that you can see right to the outskirts of such a huge and rapidly expanding city, even into the greenery of the countryside beyond.

Rebecca: St Paul’s – as it has so much history and is still, in this modern day, an iconic part of London’s skyline, nestled between towering modern buildings. It’s fascinating that all new buildings being constructed must protect its view, which was also an influence on this building’s design. It looks lovely at night too.


Astrid: Tower Bridge – Right from when I was little and the song “London bridge is falling down” I have been obsessed with Tower Bridge (I do realise now this is not London Bridge). Since moving to London this is one of my favourite places to point out when friends and family visit. The new glass floor walkway is great. I love watching the bridge open, especially during the Olympic opening ceremony when David Beckham held the torch whilst driving a boat along the Thames. From Landing Forty Two, my favourite time of day to look at Tower Bridge is when the sun sets and the lights come on. The bridge looks so magical. 


Bex: The Tower of London is one of the most historic attractions in London, so it’s great that you get a wonderfully clear view of it from Landing Forty Two, even on a cloudy day. In the winter, its fascinating to watch people ice skating too.

Jess: Hyde Park – I love Christmas and so over December seeing all the flashing lights and rides from Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park keeps me going over a busy Christmas run at Landing Forty Two!


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Photo credit: Timo Liebar taken from his Lights of London aerials of a magical Winter Wonderland at Night.

Ben (from our catering partner Moving Venue): I love looking down from the 42nd floor at all the London red buses crossing London Bridge and travelling through the busy streets of the City of London. From such a great height the buses look like wooden toys and people look like ants.


Chloe (from our catering partner Moving Venue): Looking across to the Olympic Park fills me with great memories of an incredible summer! The Olympics, the greatest event ever to have taken place in London, and what makes it even better – Smart Hospitality, Moving Venue’s sister company were the official caterer! It is exciting to see the regeneration of this area and the legacy we have been left with.