New Year, New Breakfasts



The last few weeks may have been nothing but feasting, good wine, late nights and lazing. Yet in the tick of a clock it’s here. Officially.


We all know what we can expect:

Packed gym.

Salad filled tupperware in the office fridge.

The driest of dry Januarys.

Resolutions we struggle to keep.


Yet 2018 is all set to be a colossal year full of fresh approaches. It’s vital we put our best selves forward as we brainstorm our minds into all the highs and challenges of the year ahead. How?


Breakfast. What we feed ourselves with first thing is consistently linked to achieving high-energy days full of brilliant ideas. So, imagine what can be achieved in a whole year if we feed our minds and bodies with truly healthy yet enjoyable morning eats.


This is the philosophy at Landing Forty Two for all our Breakfast Conferences and Venue Hires. Together with Moving Venue, our preferred catering partners we have a full range of options to use. With choices from our continental menu including caramelised grapefruit with grapefruit granite, yogurt granola pots with spiced winter berries, freshly pressed juices, fruit skewers and delicious mini pastries, your guests will be fully charged with all the good stuff for a memorable, stand-out event.


Your content may be pitch perfect, your launch logistics seamless and your presentation filled with impressive ideas. Yet to truly make those lasting impressions, there is nothing better than offering attendees the full breakfast works.


For true body-mind inspiration we offer the option for guests to be treated to some very impressive extras.  Why not try our extra special food selections including superfood fritters topped with scrambled egg, poached quail egg Florentines, kiln roasted salmon with chive scrambled egg on warm bagel or maple cured English bacon on toasted muffins with roasted vine tomatoes and mushroom ketchup?


Now that truly is the way to launch fresh thinking in a very successful 2018.