John Wyse’s everyday inspiration


Feeling inspired from the moment you walk into work isn’t usually how the story starts. Many of us live for those precious moments when we’re out of the office. Yet for Landing Forty Two’s Production Manager, John Wyse, no day is average.

 With a constantly ticking mind, John makes client’s visions come alive on a daily basis. With his signature ebullience, John confesses he discovers inspiration everywhere.

-Hi John. So first things first, what’s it like to work 500ft high in the air?

Well it literally gives you a very unique perspective! I still can’t believe my luck when I enter The Leadenhall lifts every day and sky rocket up into the clouds. It’s a spectacular feeling that never ceases to amaze me. No matter what mood I’m in, seeing London’s changing colours from that magnificent height is an instant pick-me-up.

You’re a creative guy so Landing Forty Two’s floor-to-ceiling views must get the imagination flowing. Does the changing daylight guide any ideas for events you produce?

Well I’m a professional photographer so I’m always really mindful of the light. My eyes are always noticing the golden patterns at dawn, the misty Winter horizons, the hot orange of late afternoons and the sparkling city alive at nightfall. Obviously, I work with the client to realise the vision they desire.  But I love nothing more than guiding clients to the most effective floorplans, lighting, presentation and dining features. I’m constantly thinking of little details to work with clients aims and set off our mesmerising surroundings so that their event is remembered by guests well into the future.

Working around the clock, you ensure every detail from technical set-up, floor-plan arrangement to design and build is choreographed beautifully. Do you have any ninja secrets for creating the perfect set?

Preparation, preparation, preparation. Really! It’s all in the pre-planning. Setting up hours before the event and checking every little element is on par days before. I’m lucky that I’m one of those people that can work from dawn until dusk as this industry definitely requires late nights and early starts. I never like to take my eyes off the job. My brain is a veritable checklist of details. I’ll be sitting up in bed and suddenly have the perfect idea for an event at 2am so have to write it down. I’m motivated by the feeling of pulling everything together and hearing the client’s positive reaction after a successful event.

You’re a master of our behind-the-scenes technical cupboard. Are you in your element in the hands-on aspect of your role?

Absolutely! I’ve always been the type to just get stuck in and I love making things happen. I enjoy being involved in every part of the process. I get such a buzz from making the seemingly impossible possible!

As well as our Production Manager you’re a skilled filmmaker which explains your extensive digital knowledge. As our resident tech-guru, do you have any event-tech predictions for 2018?

We’re going to see Augmented Reality taken to a whole different level. At Landing Forty Two I’m already making updates to our audio-visual facilities and projection technologies to stay ahead of the vastly different presentation formats and brand activations we’re going to be seeing in 2018.

Transforming our space to suit client’s desired floorplans, you co-ordinate all tech-specs with client’s bespoke arrangements. With ever-changing technical elements to consider your mind is always on full focus. Have you always had such a great eye for detail?

Yes. I do notice the little things as I think paying attention to intricacies enables the big picture to emerge in the most stunning way. As a photographer, I’m always drawn to the undiscovered beauty. Bringing my perception of the smaller details that may go unnoticed to the naked eye helps me to produce events that delight and surprise guests.

-You always seem to intuitively understand a client’s needs. With your technical knowledge, you ensure the seamless running of every event. Yet with your imaginative eye for design you can also guide the event’s look and feel. Is there an aspect of your varied role that you prefer?

All elements of my role are fun. As I said, I love the hands-on nature and finding solutions to technical issues. But I’m a real people person so I probably love seeing guests’ reactions when they see the space our team has created for them. After putting my all into carving hosts’ dream events, its genuinely moving to hear their positive feedback.

You must have witnessed a lot of extraordinary occasions at Landing Forty-Two. Have you got any stand-out moments to share with us?

Oh so many. I can’t give too much away as Landing Forty Two hosts some pretty major events and privacy is the order of the day. But I’ve definitely seen my fair share of remarkable scenes. The space is so versatile that we’ve had everything from extraordinary augmented reality launches to beautiful black-tie dinners filled with A-listers.


 -Lastly, you’re always on the go ensuring the flawless delivery of each event. How do you have so much energy?

Have a job that inspires you! Seriously- I wouldn’t be able to work the hours I do if I didn’t genuinely love it every day. That and taking care of my mind and body. My role is pretty active so my fitness is kept high but I also try to take 20 minutes out each day to meditate. It just focuses my mind and helps me to embrace any challenges ahead!