Instaview: Tammy


1. What is the best event you have ever organised?

I loved the Destiny Gaming Launch we did here at Landing Forty Two. It was one of the first big events we hosted having opened and it just had amazing, cool vibes. Not only was it celeb packed, there was also tonnes of high tech production and an awesome DJ.

2. How did you get into events? 

When I was 6 years old I wrote my mum a list of careers I wanted to pursue when I was older which she still has pinned up. Number one was a ballerina followed by number 2 – an event manager! Event management is the only (realistic!) thing I wanted to do so as soon as I left college, I didn’t think twice about doing a four-year degree in it. 

3. What is your party trick? 

I can do the splits but I always regret it the next day…

4. What makes you excited about events?

I think that no matter what the economic climate is, people will always want to party, whether its to celebrate success or simply lift spirits with a slightly tighter budget. I think companies need events to allow employees to let their hair down, have fun, bond and boost morale so it’s exciting to be able to facilitate this. I also love the fact its such a diverse job role – one minute you’re doing sales, the next finance, marketing, helping with catering, security, production. You get to dabble in everything so it never gets boring. 

5. What are your hobbies?

Backpacking and all things travelling, adventure sports, going to indie and rock gigs, festivals, dancing, sightseeing, eating and generally attending events when I’m not running them!

6. Tell me something no one else knows about!

My long term goal is to run an eco hostel in the jungle in Belize.