Instaview: Chloe Martin

Get to know Chloe, Sales and Marketing Director from our in-house catering partner Moving Venue, with a peek at her Instagram.  

I am thrilled that Moving Venue is the exclusive caterer at Landing Forty Two. Entering my sixth year in the industry, it is so refreshing to have new venues and opportunities to consistently reignite my event passion! Our recent launch event was a night to remember.

I never take for granted how lucky I am to be surrounded by amazing food on such a regular basis! However my real soft spot is chocolate, as demonstrated by my embarrassingly large collection of bunnies this Easter (despite the fact I am over the age of 12).

We are fortunate that the events industry as a whole is diverse with a number of successful women at the top. Nothing makes me prouder than my brother, the champion of diversity, especially when wearing this very befitting jumper! At Smart Group I am surrounded by the very best whether male or female, and am lucky to have a boss who champions equality.

This photo symbolises for me the importance of having a close-knit team. Last summer a father of the groom delivered a homemade cake to our offices for transportation to the venue….the next thing we knew he had dropped this on the pavement! Our Head Chef worked tirelessly throughout the night to painstakingly put the cake back together without the Mother of the Bride who made the cake knowing! Being able to rely on your colleagues is so crucial in this industry!

Unquestionably family is the most important thing to me – and I am lucky to have a tight bunch! This was prior to a recent outing to an underground Whisky vault where we drank Coconut Butter Old Fashioned’s for many hours… a must visit!

Skiing is one of my favourite activities with family or friends, providing you strike the ski/food/drink balance perfectly – preferably more towards the latter. Having had two leg operations in the last two years, I value the fresh mountain air as much as the skiing itself!

Whilst my job keeps me entertained on a daily basis, and I am always here, there, everywhere around London, it is important to have a holiday in mind to keep me going! Not only do I seek the sun, but also exciting restaurants that I wouldn’t be able to experience anywhere else in the world. Next on the list is this incredible restaurant The Rock in Zanzibar which I am visiting in August.