Blue Sky Thinking for 2018


We know the feeling. Those Christmas vibes are beginning to ring through every corner of London. Yet with deadlines looming, signoffs incomplete and pitches still to propose, crucial time-out for feeling the Festive Spirit appears far from view.


Dispensing of the sinking feeling of a monotonous workload can appear near-impossible. Yet at Landing Forty Two, we’ve crafted the perfect plan to re-invigorate minds with an inspiring start to the New Year.

January provides ammunition to release ourselves from the weight of old habits. Professional life is no different. 2018 is a prime chance for team-members to refresh their perspectives, optimise their focus and steam-roller their motivation. What better time for companies to stimulate stakeholders with an afternoon or evening of blue sky thinking at Landing Forty Two?


Experiencing our breakfast conferences, lunches and dinners is an awe-inspiring occasion. With floor-to-ceiling views over London’s iconic skyline and an enviable location in the heart of the City, our extraordinary venue certainly sparks big ideas. Lunchtime meetings and presentations surrounded by the stunning Winter sunset offers unrivalled opportunities to cement long-term brand affinity.


As markets accelerate, the need for teams to stay charged and on top-form is ever more pivotal. It’s critical that stakeholders feel inspired to stay ahead of social, economic and digital developments. Landing Forty Two’s state-of-the-art LED lighting, controlled sound, high-speed complimentary wifi and range of staging and on-site plasma screens delivers an innovative way to inform, educate and motivate delegates. With exclusive hire of our unparalleled venue, Landing Forty Two places delegates in a truly memorable space for reflecting on future growth and opportunity.  


The secret to brilliantly productive teams? Looking after mind and body. Which is why we’re taking care of everyone jump-starting January health plans.  Our in-house catering partners Moving Venue ensure delegates are refreshed and energised through-out the day with a range of healthy catering options. What’s more our competitive prices start at just £80 per head for lunch. What better way to beat the January Blues?