The Leadenhall Building, Leadenhall Street, London EC3V 4AB

A unique and unparalleled design

Landing Forty Two is not just unique as an event space, with unparalleled views and unusual design features, but we also offer something a little different when it comes to the building we are housed within.

Landing Forty Two sits on the 42nd floor of The Leadenhall Building, a skyscraper designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, completed in 2015, totalling 45 floors. 

Boasting a one-of-a-kind design, The Leadenhall Building was created according to the area’s specific planning requirements to avoid blocking the viewing corridors across the skyline and obstructing the nearby St Paul’s Cathedral Dome. As a result, The Leadenhall Building has a tapered shape, uniquely constructed with each floor exactly 750 millimetres narrower on one side than the floor below, affording the remarkable structure the nickname, ‘the cheesegrater’ inline with its unique construction.

"The design of The Leadenhall Building is the result of a powerful distillation of the key components of what makes a successful office building."
Graham Stirk, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

Sustainability at its core

The Leadenhall Building is not only unique in its design but holds the honor of also being a sustainable skyscraper. With solar responsive venetian blinds inbuilt into the windows across the south, east, and west of the building implemented to reduce solar radiation. The blinds respond to the sun’s movement keeping the offices and event space cool and comfortable in all weather conditions. The cavities allow ventilation to pass through the extreme triple glazing every seventh story, reducing the need for air-cooling systems, often the single most significant energy demand in a building of its size. The unique approach to ventilation allows The Leadenhall Building to consume far less energy than its counterparts being far more efficient and sustainable.

This, along with other factors including recycling of construction materials and use of timber on the building, allowed The Leadenhall Building to gain the BREEAM excellent sustainability rating.

The Little Extras

Another interesting fact about The Leadenhall building is its beautifully designed panoramic lifts, the fastest in Europe, traveling 8 meters a second, reaching the peak of the building in only 40 seconds. Offering views of the Gherkin and the City beyond, the lifts provide guests to Landing Forty Two a unique and memorable entrance to what is sure to be an unforgettable event.

Want to see The Leadenhall Building and Landing Forty Two for yourself?

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